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4 Things to Consider Before Shooting Film

1. Cost
There is no other way to put it film is expensive. Each image taken on a medium format film camera cost approximate $3-$5. From buying the camera, light meter to lab cost to the roll of film themselves. It all adds up. Oh and did I mention shipping cost both ways? I shot nothing but personal work for about 6 months to a year before I started to include a roll during sessions with clients. I personal didn’t feel comfortable shooting even a roll with a client until I knew what I was doing because I valued their time and they weren’t paying me to practice. Even when I felt it was time to add a Film, I still had issues with exposer and manual focusing.  The STRUGGLE WAS REAL!! It was a long journal and very costly.

2. Your Current Clients

Some weddings are booked a year and a half out and you don’t want to change your style on a client that booked you. Yes you want to keep improving but Film has grain and not everyone likes that look.

3. Are you Ready to be Frustrated? 

My first few rolls were terrible. I read Jose Villa and Elizabeth Messina books and google was my best friend. Lol I didn’t understand the different before rating and metering. I tried to apply the same principals to shooting film as digital and it was a hot mess….  With digital if you get the exposure wrong you can go home and fit it in lightroom with film this is not the case. You are very limited on what you can do to fix the exposure and if its too under exposure that image is gone forever. It wasn’t until I got a light meter, invested in a Pentax 645, and mentoring that I starting to get the results I wanted.

4. Timing

Shooting digital is fast. You have the images on your SD card and you can edit them and deliver within 24 hours if you would like. I was not lucky enough to be a city with a film lab so I has to send my film to California for be processed and scanned. Between Shipping and processing time it would take up to 15-20 days for me to receive my scans back. So slow… but now I love it!


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